Zika : Are You Covered?

travel insurance SingaporeWe are all familiar with the Zika virus, as well as many which can be contracted overseas. But, if you are traveling and you are struck with these, are you protected? You want to know you have a travel insurance Singapore policy in place that is going to take care of you. Sure, there are high risk areas which may not be covered, however there are many travel insurance Singapore companies and policies that are going to take care of you. SO, it is up to you to ask the right question, find out what is protected, and what is not. Doing this is the only way to know you are covered, you are going to be cared for, and you are not going to incur huge expenses if something does happen to you or to a family member when you are traveling. So, are you covered or not?

Probably not be covered

Zika is a virus which is contracted in dangerous areas. you may already know that with most insurers, you are not going to be covered for high risk activities or if you travel to an area which is prone to a high possibility of danger. This is the case with this virus, as well as with many that you can contract in other dangerous regions in the world. So, what can you do when you do travel? If you are going to be in these areas, it is in your best interest to get as many vaccines as you possibly can; sure, it is not what you want to hear, but you are choosing to go to an area which is dangerous. You are likely not going to be covered, no matter how much it is that you choose to pay for an insurance policy or how high the coverage it.

You know the risks when you decide to go to some regions of the world; so, if you choose to do this, and know you are entering a risky area, or one which might lead to you contracting a virus, you know that you are not going to be covered by an insurance policy. It is important to know the likelihood, as well as other risks in the area. You can buy some types of cover, but you are not going to be protected from these highly contagious diseases. Insurers know the risk, as do you as a traveler, so if you still decide to go to these regions, you do so knowing you are not protected by your insurer.

Take the time to compare policies and to learn about your rights. The more you know when you travel and the more time you take to educate yourself, the easier it is going to be for you to protect yourself as well as your family. And, in the event something does go wrong, you are at least going to know what the best route is for you to get care, and what you can do to minimize the injuries you are going to sustain. You can travel anywhere, but an insurance company also has the right to deny you coverage. And, they can choose to do so for any reason. So, if you are a high risk person, or if you make the conscious decision to go to a high risk area, where you are likely to contract a virus (or know that there is a risk this can happen) you are choosing to do so with the knowledge that an insurance company is not going to protect you, nor will they pay for the medical care you will require, because of the disease.

What do you do?

Personal accident is a type of protection you can buy. It is costly and it is going to cover far more. But, there are still going to be limits in place with this type of protection; so, you do have to take your time to find out what it is that will be, and what won’t be protected with a particular insurance company.

  • Cancel options

If you have bought a policy and though you were covered, find out what your options are and what the penalties are going to be if you choose to cancel a policy. Know your rights; this is entirely up to you. You do have the right to go where you choose and to enter regions which are dangerous. And, if a company is not going to protect you because you choose to do this, it is possible you are entitled to a refund or at least a partial one. Make sure you discuss this with the insurer, find out what your options are, and learn what you can do, in the event you do have a policy in place that is not going to cover you in the event you are injured or do contract a virus when you travel.

  • Call your airline

If you are ill, or if there is a reason you can’t travel, you should call your airline immediately. This is going to ensure you are more likely to get a discount, and it is easier for them to plan ahead if you are ill. It will allow them to take precautions and to safeguard the other passengers. You do have to think of yourself as well as your family’; but, you also have to think of others who are going to be near you and can possibly contract a virus you have, in the event you go to a region which is highly contagious or dangerous to be in.

You do have options and there are particular issues you can resolve with any travel insurance policy; but, an insurer also has options and can choose not to cover you for certain activities or if you go to some regions in the world. So, before you do choose to buy a policy and believe you are fully covered, no matter what you are doing, ask questions and find out the truth, so you are prepared when an insurer denies the claim you try to file.

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